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Wrench Re: Have a intresting problem, with picture.

Originally Posted by remix Rick View Post
i think i may be able to handel this swap if i can get me a b20 now
It's pretty simple...the hard part is just finding all the misc. parts to piece it together. However...you have a head-start since you already had a b-series motor swapped in.

Feel free to pm me with any B20 questions you might have Ricky.

Below is the link to my old build thread that pretty much has a detailed list of the stuff needed to make it work in your car


I was using my stock 98 Civic Ex OBD2 engine harness with an OBD2-OBD1 ECU conversion harness...so if you're using an OBD1 engine harness...you should just need to get the P75 LS ECU and it will plug right in.

You should be able to reuse your B16 alternator, starter, shift linkage, intermediate shaft, and axles, (well not the busted one).

Try to find a B20Z if you can...as it is the higher compression/higher hp B20, as complete as possible.

You'll most-likely need an LS intake manifold and maybe a distributor.


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Default Re: Have a intresting problem, with picture.

Originally Posted by gabebauman View Post
X2 they got some good deals and will take stuff off to lower the price


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