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Default intro/bug and tar remover

Hi everyone. Name is Mike. I have an auto 09 Fit sport that I picked up during cash for clunkers.
I didn't have time to find a manual since there was no time to wait for fear the clunker money
would run out. Anyway I got a sweet deal 14k. I really don't plan any mods except maybe a cai at some point.
I did tint the windows myself and it looks sweet. It was bought for a family car cause I am married with two boys.
I also own an EM1 which is the toy for my mods (anyone have a b18c block for sale? lol)
Anyway since I am from Sioux City and we have thousands of potholes now they are being fixed and there
is alot of fresh asphalt all over. I noticed tar and crap all over the Fit. I was told the bug and tar remover in the
spray can works good an wouldn't mess up the clear coat. I ended up having to spray both sides and rear of the car
then carefully wiping it off. It worked really good. I never tried it before but I would recommend it. Just make sure you
rinse the car when you're done. Btw is it cause its april fools with the Ford symbol on the Honda section? Fail.

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