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Default new sr

my motor had been knocking very slightly for almost a year and now finally gave out sooooooo I got another long block installed new front and rear main seals, and im waiting on my apexi head gasket to go with my arp studs I got a week ago, im planning on getting a gt3071r in the near future

I have the hks cams to switch when my hg gets here


Originally Posted by zippakilla View Post
I guess working out of your parents garage calling yourself "Random House Racing" doesn't make you enough money to buy it either way.
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Default Re: new sr

Damn....a sr would be nice. looking good man

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Default Re: new sr

very nice man. The 3071 turbo rips on 2 liters. Very good turbo to take you 400+ rwhp on the street. My buddy had one on his MR2. 300rwhp on just 15psi. Perfect for the street.

With the SR20 motor though you are going to want to watch your boost level with that 3071 turbo though. 350rwhp realy pushes the limit of the OEM internals on that motor. I have a friend that Daily drove his with stock turbo puttin down ~ 315whp for a year with no problems though. Pro tuned on just AFC and AVCR, greddy intake, HKS cams and gears, nismo injectors, 3" exhaust, big arse front mount, head gasket and studs and all motor seals changed out including the water and oil pump. Not sure how they got 315whp out of that stock turbo but they did. It was a good shop down in Florida that took care of him.


oops I switched back.. .
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