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Default 92-95 civic shell/roller for sale

hello jdmcity i have a 92-95 civic coupe shell/roller project forsale i bought this car intending to swap it and just make a clean driver but times have got busy around here for E-FAB and need more room for more customer cars and more tools. This is a auto car but i have everything to convert it to a manual. i bought the car hit in the front (went under a bumper of a car) so it folded the rad support back i have drilled all spot welds out and replaced with a donor cars parts but rad and inner wheel well need finish welding just bolted on right now has brand new frontend parts fenders/hood/bumper/corner lights. there is a small amount of rust coming though on pass side rear quarter. I would love to finish or actually just start on this car but i have no time at all so i dont want it to just sit and do nothing rather have someone put it together. Iam posting this as offers only at this time (mods please tell me if thats ok)

Contact info
515-360-7331 Eric call/text/email

all the pics i got


92 VX LS-Vtec
508whp-344ft on 24psi
P.B 10.64@137mph

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