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JDM Knight
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Default heres some installs /projects

whats up peeps , Heres some installs and projects im working on
I also do HID kits (not the cheap ebay crap) and can retro fit Projectors.
do custom FG and CF, Air ride, Lambo doors and Custom sub enclosures work as well.

also do perf mods as well

3 pod fits below a 1 din radio, for those who dont like the A pillar :for a 2g Eclipse

goin back to a double din, and something had to give looks like HVAC controls lol for a 2g (this will be in CF, in progress)

Put a 7" Double din into a Grand prix, flushing it in, this is also in progress.


intergrated air ride controll

past stuff:http://www.jdmcity.com/showthread.php?t=12915


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Default Re: heres some installs /projects

That CF Neon bezel looks pretty good


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JDM Soldier
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Default Re: heres some installs /projects

Originally Posted by jdmb18hatch View Post
That CF Neon bezel looks pretty good
All this stuff looks way good man

Much props, Ive been reading up on this as I want to do kevlar interior pieces....just haven't had the balls to give her a go.

Keep up the good work

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JDM Knight
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Default Re: heres some installs /projects

wow this stuff looks great man!!


Originally Posted by EvO-X View Post
guess us americans just love our firebirds with the whip cb antennas and the crager torque thrusts...yeehaw! stars and bars!
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Default Re: heres some installs /projects

looks good! Good work

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