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Default TW 92 BMW 525i

Zip Code: 50317
Name: Andy

Year: 1992
Make: bmw
Model: 525i
Mileage: 188k
Title Status: Clean
Transmission: 5 Speed manual
Drivetrain: RWD

Just throwing my BMW out here to see if anybody is interested in it,
its a 92 bmw 525i 188k miles on it, i had intentions of throwing a 2jz into it
but i need to finish my other 2 civics first.
i drive it everyday to and from work. the car is not perfect and has issues with it.
The car is already lowered but will need new front suspension parts.
(does the shimmy when you go 55-60 mph). The heat only works on high, the ac compressor bearings are starting to make noise.
car has sun fade on top, and the trim moldings are not sticking to the door.
driver side seat has a rip in it.
starts to sputter upon start up then goes away. from what i know the car had a fuel pump replacement but they didnt change the filter or anything else.
so far ive had the oil changed, spark plugs, air filter, new battery
cabin air filter and filled up the liquids that needed to be filled. Car doesnt overheat or have any other problems that in know of.
ive replaced some of the torn intake boots and the alternator cooling pipe too.
would be a nice project car for someone, or even fix it and DD it like i am.
i will keep working on the car and fix things here and there for aslong as i keep it.

car will come with wheels and stock wheels aswell.

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