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Default TW: Jasper Green DA. Head is off.

Asking/Offering Price: TW make offers.
Phone Number: 319-521-7234
Zip Code: 52302( Marion), car is in Shueyville, IA.
Name: Brandon
Item Description: 91 Acura Integra, 250k approx on shell, car was from California... so RUST FREE. slight surface rust in a few spots, but absolutely nothing major.
Valve seals went out, burned major oil. Redid intake side valve seals, was not machined or checked though. Intake side might as well be redone too, never got the chance.
Head needs put back on , suspension should be redone, and exhaust needs redone. Started college and time and money aren't something hat have been in my favor since.

Has newer Exedy OEM replacement clutch.
B&M Short Throw Shifter.
Piston walls look beautiful, originally thought piston rings were shot, but it was the valve seals.
Head was redone with new seals on the intake side, no bent valves. exhaust side was fine, meant to redo them anyway but never got around to it.
RUST FREE, besides few spots of surface rust that just began.
Rare Color. The jasper green is a harder color to find.
Working power windows AND power sunroof. Drivers window was a bit slow though.
All interior is there, seats are a bit beat up and some stains on seats. Interior IS stripped though.

I was young and dumb and dumped the teggy with ebays that came with the car.
...therefore struts are shot now
The midsection of exhaust is done for, which was aftermarket done before me.
Power steering was deleted, but the hoses were left in. This was done before me. The rack should be converted to manual, or power steering reinstalled altogether.
AC also deleted and done before me.
Quarter panels, fender, and hood are a bit beat up, which is where the surface rust has started. Interior was stripped to take care of the dents on the quarter panels.
Hood and hatch were primered but never finished, the paint was done for on hood and hatch.
Cracked windshield.

Once the head is put back on, overall its a solid motor again. The block was clean, pistons and the walls are clean. Oil was wiped on the motor and motor was covered so it all still looks great. Would be a great da for an enthusiast with no major rust to deal with. More body work needs done then mechanical.

Year: 1991
Make: Acura
Model: Integra
Mileage: 250k on shell, unknown on motor
Color Exterior/Interior: Jasper Green ext, Tan interior
Transmission: Manual 5 spd
Drivetrain: FWD


Shoot me offers guys. Lookin for cash and possibly trades plus cash if you have ef fenders or bumper, obd0 dpfi to obd1 conversion harness, p28 ecu, obd1 vtec dizzy, d16z6 head, aftermarket cam for z6 or y8 possibly. Mini me swapping a y8 into my ef daily here soon to have a little more reliable dd. Thinking bout slowly building a z6 head on the side.

Shoot me texts, Im a busy guy and dont have reception half the day.

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91 teggy- soon to be rebuilt
91 civic hatch- daily driver/ used for my delivery job
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