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Closing Threads
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Default RULES!!!! Read or your threads will be closed!

Please take the time to read these rules, PRIOR to posting in these sections.

1. Absolutely NO stolen goods /property. JDMCity.com will cooperate fully with law enforcement on any investigations regarding alleged stolen goods / property.

2. Post your item(s) in the correct section(s).

3. Use an appropriate title for your thread(s).

4. You MUST use this template (all fields are required, unless stated): pictures must be posted when the thread is created!!

Asking/Offering Price:
Email Address/Phone Number (optional):
Zip Code:
Item Description:

For auto listings these are also required in addition to the fields above.

Title Status:
Color Exterior/Interior:

**Ads that do not follow the proper formatting will be locked / deleted.
this template will be strictly enforced.. no exceptions.

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Default Re: RULES!!!! Read or your threads will be closed!

Please read!!


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