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Charlie Moua
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Default Charlie's novice 2013 racing recap (pic & vid)

Thanks to companies willing invest in my growth.
A humbling thanks to my loyal friends for their guidance, labor-intensive support & their uncanny belief in me.

CNC Werx
Rocket Motorsports & P.R.E.
Speedtrap Turbo Consulting
Jordan - Tuner & "partner in crime" for all the haters
Fargo - engine machinist jedi
Croy/gsrintegra175 & Zing/Venom23 - always helping me out from myself
Nate/slowcivic, Paul/decathect & Sothia/bmxej1
My wife-Bao & sons-Quinn, Dmitri & Everret

Summary of EF (2002 – 2011)

2012 battle of bodykits
Mr. Meow's shoebox 330whp vs GSRtrent Mcdonald 420whp

In fall of 2012, I went with MAP turbo kit & semi-built motor for power & reliability.
MAP sponsors Meows shoebox - MNHondas

My late start into the 2013 season (August to September) re-cap of Proving grounds, Rock Falls & Cedar Falls.

Since RockFalls last event in Oct was the same day our Dyno Day, I thought my season was over. But Jordan & I weren’t finished yet; we found a Test&Tune event in Kansas Nov 2nd.
Friday night (Nov 1st) I tell Jordan I want enough power to run mid 11's so 400whp should be fine. ;)
Jordan tunes until 1:30am. It’s an 8hr drive to Kansas Dragway & racing starts at 10am.

Note: ~E70~ Once Jordan got it it 380ish, I leave to attend other matters.
I come back 25mins later & Jordan's already @ 520whp :down:
He adds the final touches & keeps it conservative to make sure I don't hurt the motor if i screw up.
Jordan said a novice driver will need more than 400whp to hit 11.5 :lolhit: so he gave me 500whp to offset my sketchy driving skills

3am, Bao & I loaded up the EF & packed the kids in the truck. One hour into the trip, the magnetic dolly lights fall off the EF roof.
For safety of night driving, I had no choice but to turn around back home. I was so upset & for sure thought I’d have to wait until next season. :ahh:

Arrived back home @ 4am. The wife & kids are off to bed while I search online for ANY racing events driving distance. I find Mo-Kan Raceway in Missouri holding a Fun Day on Sunday (11-2). Weather looks to be 60F.

On Sat morning I go buy new lights at Walmart & we head out on the 11-12hr road trip. We arrive at hotel @ 9pm.
I decide to sleep inside the EF to make sure nothing happens. It was 35F at night…yeah weather app doesn’t tell you about frost warning :(

The FunDay event starts at 1pm. I arrive at noon being only the 10th car. I tell the wife I’ll only need 4-5 passes and we’ll be done back on the road by 2pm. :hyper:

Weather: 65f first 2 runs, but was about 40f last run.
Wind: 5-10mph tailwind
Track Prep: better than rockfalls but not as nice as cedar falls

After my 1st shakedown pass I come back to the 7 staging lanes full (70cars).
After my 2nd pass (P.B.) I go straight to staging lanes & now with 120 cars.

Due to oil on the track & cleaning crew taking +2hrs trying to clean it by hand, they shut down the right lane. :palm: 120 cars using 1 lane FTL. :mad1:

Charlie Mo-Kan run2 outside - YouTube
Charlie Mo-Kan run2 inside - YouTube
Note: 11.55....it didn't feel nearly as solid out the hole as my 11.9 pass(2:43) so I knew I was doing something wrong. When I get home to show Jordan the clips, he says i'm not launching hard enough & shifting early in 1st, shifting too slow in 2nd & not holding onto 2nd long enough at redline.

Charlie Mo-Kan run3 outside- YouTube
Charlie Mo-Kan run3 inside- YouTube
Note: 12.04...... 2.5hrs in between runs:tardfinger: I check my tire pressure = L @ 9psi / R @ 7psi. Off the launch & in 2nd, the car pulls to the left off the groove. Lesson learned.

So much for leaving back home @ 2pm. :fu:
We got back on the road @ 6:30pm Sunday & arrived home 6am Monday morning.

Brainerd International Raceway MN ~ September 7th ~ 13.68 @ 108mph
Rock Falls Raceway WI ~ September 15th ~ 12.34 @ 117mph
Cedar Falls Raceway IA ~ October 13th ~ 11.94 @ 118mph

Mo-Kan Dragway MO ~November 3rd ~ 11.55 @ 128mph

I had Tim put the Shoebox on the scale, weighing in @ 2,366lbs (half tank gas). That is only 75lbs more than stock ef hb si @ 2,291lbs.

Tim, Chris, Kyle, Jordan & myself

Special thanks to my friend & engine machinist Dan “Fargo”. Although he’s not with MAP anymore, we continue to support one another.

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CNC Werx
Jordan Tuned
Rocket Motorsports
Modern Automotive Performance
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