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JDM King
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Default powder coating hubs?

So i wanna clean up my suspension,An powder coat alot of the parts. Like the wish bone fork,upper an lower control arms, the hubs an brake assembly. Even thinking about the spring. But there are some things I'm not sure of.

1.what are springs painted with to begin with. I think its powder coated but I didn't think it could flex like that.

2. If I do the hubs with the heat from the oven will it make the bearing grease leak out? Or will it cause harm to any rubber seals?

Now I don't have to worry about the bushings cause they will all be replaced. But for the other rubber seals I'm worried about.like the wheel bearing seal. Temps are up to 450 in the oven.

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Jefe De Jefes
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Default Re: powder coating hubs?

My buddy does powder coating. He says most people take them apart. He says he wouldn't recommend doing the PC with the rubber seals on the hubs


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JDM King
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Default Re: powder coating hubs?

Yeah, any balljoints, bearings etc should probably be removed/pressed out before you powdercoat. Your other option is paint them with a high-temp paint or something like eastwood's POR15 that eats rust and goes on easily(coated on with a brush) and is a great sealer.


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JDM Knight
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Default Re: powder coating hubs?


I just did all my suspension parts.. I wouldnt recomend doing the springs.
but all the above are correct about removing bushings and ball jonts, as the rubber will melt. i did what youll be doing, all polly all around.. I know on my hubs had them blasted by a pro blaster,as dodge puts some gummy compound on to prevent damage or rust. not sure if youll run into the same issue, but if you do , be prepared to take them to a pro blaster.. they have the tools to do it right and quickly. gl


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