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Default Jordan Retro shoes 6 9 10

Hey guys the title pretty much says it all. I have brand new Jordan retro 6's 9's and 10's. All the Jordan's I have are 100% authentic. Proof of purchase of each and every shoe I have. These shoes I have are deadstock, no more or no less.

Okay lets get started

First I have Jordan retro 6 infrared size 12 $235 Shipped and 5.5y kids $170 shipped

(not actual pic of shoe)

2nd are Jordan retro 9 baron size 12 $245 shipped

(not actual pic of shoe)

and I have Jordan retro 10 powder blue in size 10 and two pairs of size 12 $235 Shipped

(not actual pic)

If interested please txt me at 319-431-8395

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Default Re: Jordan Retro shoes 6 9 10

Still got the powder blue size tens?

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Default Re: Jordan Retro shoes 6 9 10

Damn, i wish those 6's were 10-10.5


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