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Default Have the Engine but no 4dr

Trying something different. Ive had the GSRs, boost and wanted something different from the crowd, NA, and reliable. Gonna try this Dohc ZC, Im waiting on a couple misc parts but otherwise ready to drop in. Hoping to find an EF 4dr durring the winter.

P29 76mm pistons
Cometic head gasket
shot peened rods
JG Engine Dynamic cam gears
Stage 1 cams
550cc injectors
Aem fuel rail
The list goes on
Still waiting on ZC speed zc to D adapter plate to mount my Skunk 2 intake and Tb

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Default Re: Have the Engine but no 4dr

Seems like a good build


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Default Re: Have the Engine but no 4dr

i would not expect more than 135-140whp out of it.
stock injectors are fine.

I'm not a fan of RC injectors since they have been known to stick.
If you want to get bigger injectors just to have big injectors just get some evo8 560cc pinktop injectors.


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Ade Chirico
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Default Re: Have the Engine but no 4dr

The Chevrolet Cruze is an excellent choice among compact sedans. It's the best small car GM has offered in North America in decades. More important, it's among the best cars in its class.
Fuel economy is improved for 2012, and the list of standard equipment has grown longer, especially in the mid-range LT level. Otherwise, the 2012 Chevrolet Cruze is unchanged from 2011.

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