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Default LSV in teg

Im picking up a 90 teg tomorrow to use as a winter car untill i get my new truck. Car is in pretty good shape for its age, just a bit of surface rust and still has original one piece headlights in perfect workong condition. The shell has 250,000 miles with a newer b18a1 with a little over 100,000. I wanna go LSV after i get my truck and im not driving this everyday. Been out of imports for a while and i dont know any good shops that would do the work or where to even start getting good parts. I was thinking about just buying another motor and having it totally rebuilt the way i want it. Any leads and ideas would be great. Thanks guys!

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Default Re: LSV in teg

if your interested in another motor, I have the solution. 146k b18b motor-missing a few things like the distributor, throttle body, and a rear sensor. But it needs a rebuild. Its in the for sale section as "civic/integra parts-ej6kev" if you wanna see pictures. Prices is obo.

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