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Wrench NKOTB! need electrical help!

Sup! JDMCITY to bad u cant pick up JDM Girls in this city LoL.I got a 98 honda accord J30 need some help on some repairs.as for brake lights stupid thing wont come on when brakes are pressed? anybody have any idea what it could be? I think it could be a brake light switch

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Default Re: NKOTB! need electrical help!

Check fuses and check to see if you are receiving any current through the wires near the lights. That's where I'd start.


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Test light. As ^ he said. Make sure sockets arent corroded.


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Default Re: NKOTB! need electrical help!

Start with fuses like said above. Then use a test light or volt meter on the brake light switch. If you aren't getting power there then you get to have some jolly good fun chasing that wire back to where it goes. If it is getting power it's a lot easier to chase the wires to the brake lights.


Damn that's a good lookin' pixel car ;)
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