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Default Re: skyline question?

Originally Posted by AznfatBoi_ITR View Post
Most likely... i'm pretty sure some can find out if it's spam.. just make a fake email and email him telling him your interested...
And then what...send him the check or transfer the money? Lol. What I meant to say was if you can't see the car in person...THEN you know if it's spam or not. Or if they want you to send money BEFORE seeing it.
That's a sure fire scam...

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Default Re: skyline question?

Originally Posted by GoinHam View Post
An 09' Gtr came threw marshalltown over the summer. Saw it parked at legends.
if its a grey one (although i think they all are lol) ive seen it in boone and ames. im curious if its the same one i saw at the adventurelands auto-x a couple years ago.


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Default Re: skyline question?

me and one of my old buddys seen one on the interstate heading tords des moines when we were heading to grims pretty much to school


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