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proud nico
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Default Re: Nissan Meet

Whats everybody driving to the meet??

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Default Re: Nissan Meet

Proposing a meet time of: Sunday April 8th at Buffalo Wild Wings in West Des Moines and we can retreat to a vacant parking lot in the area if we catch any flack from security.

This is the 2nd Sunday in April

It's hard to find an extended weather forecast that far out but from a weather history website, Iowa in general has typically been dryer with sunny skies in the beginning of April with more of the rain and clouds near the middle and remainder of the month.

Sound good?

If it does lets have some people chime in on the time of day...

I'll be bringing this ↓ beauty right here... lol

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Default Re: Nissan Meet

Currently for me my car is on jack stands because I'm powder coated my rims, so Idk if ill be up and running by April 8th

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Default Re: Nissan Meet

if this is for reals ill come down, 03 Maxima


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Default Re: Nissan Meet

count me in! i'm bringing my GTR , i kid i kid.. but for real though, i'm going to be showing up if you guys are legit about this meet

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Default Re: Nissan Meet

Ill probably try to make it out to this


Shiro Special #998
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Default Re: Nissan Meet

idk if ill be able to show up my car wont start now and idk why


turbo bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!
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