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Msg Volt Stabilizer

K, I was Wondering If A Volt Stabilizer Is Required to run an engine? What does it do, and how does it work? For An Acura/Honda??

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Default Re: Volt Stabilizer

Originally Posted by "DaChasterr" View Post
K, I was Wondering If A Volt Stabilizer Is Required to run an engine? What does it do, and how does it work? For An Acura/Honda??
well, this is wikipedias definition of what it is....

A voltage stabilizer is an electronic device able to deliver relatively constant output voltage while input voltage and load current changes over time.

Basically you don't really need one for your honda/acura to run your motor. What it basically does is it takes your current voltage and keeps it constant by stabilizing or filtering the AC voltage from the alternator so you get a clean DC voltage. Having a clean DC voltage makes all your electrical accessories run better and you won't get that funky humming noise coming from your radio...if you can hear it sometimes.

All you are basically doing is cleaning the signals that go into your accessories. So the more you add like gauges, electronic boost controllers, huge sound systems, etc. etc. etc. the better they run because you have a stabilizer.

Many stabilizers out there claim to make horsepower increases, but to be honest I have yet to see one of our magazines do a test comparison.....so I wouldn't know if they trully do.

To me these boxes just help the entire electrical system flow better.....which can help the ECU a lot because everything is clean, constant and not fluctuating. Different fluctuations in the system can cause the ECU to give false readings at times.
There are literally over a 100 different ones available out there......from the super cheap crap from Ebay all the way to the top dogs like SUN, Pivot, NRG. Be very aware of the knock offs since they tend to mabe made in masses with no regard to quailty or research.

WOW, that was a bit of a long explanation, but hope it helps!!! In all, do you really need it in your Honda/Acura.....Not really, but it does help improve the electrical flow.


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Default Re: Volt Stabilizer

it's one of those things that were developed to give a slight edge to racing teams then were turned into a gimmick for poor saps who don't understand them to buy.


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Default Re: Volt Stabilizer

Here's what I think.,
1) Take out everything you don't need.
2) Check for spark/fuel
-You might have to drain the gas that's in it.
3) Check compression
4) Check the timing


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Default Re: Volt Stabilizer

If you need a set I have one. Let me know.
There NGR


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Default Re: Volt Stabilizer

someone tell him to check his fuel pressure

Turn up to confirm fuel pump does not seem to turn on


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