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Uisge Ban Falls in Baddeck is a good one, pretty Buy wow classic gold short, flat and well groomed. Egypt Falls is short but it down a pretty treacherous hill you need to hold a rope to get down. So while it a bit steep, it about 10 15 mins each way in/out, and it might be worth it, would be an accomplishment and a fun story of "remember that time Istudydeath made us climb down a hill hanging onto a rope!?"..
Cindee, are you doing 10s or 25? I'm raiding, my guild is, erm, 7/12 normal I think? But we're the only guild on server doing 25m content. I'm raiding with them twice a week (we also raid 4xweek, 3h/night), and I'm subsisting on charity epics that folks pass to me since the guild knows I have a 3 mo old baby and can't keep my DKP balance competitive. We have bosses on farm that i've never encountered.
I don know what makes that so hard to understand. I was talking about storyline, and it covered quite well in my post.Have you ever seen a movie and thought, "Hey this is great, I hope they make another one!" and then they do, and it good, but not quite as good as the first? And then they continue making sequels until it no longer even recognizable to the original movie and the plotlines make no sense at all, meanwhile there some kind of a love triangle going on that has no real reason to exist? That what happens when you try to force content.What you want does not matter, money matters. Money drives Blizzard and it partner company, and it parent company.Money will drive story content creation, will it be good? Who knows, but as long as it makes good money it will be made.That is why money matters in this situation.They can have all the fresh amazing mind blowing story content in the world, but if it does not turn a profit then somebody has to answer for it.Take fast and the furious for example, since you used movies.
Editorial: Oregon politics needs a reset after high drama session Editorial: Oregon politics needs a reset after high drama session After Senate Republicans' walkout, what Oregon needs most is thoughtful leadership that rallies people behind a common goal, not flexing of political muscle. Unfortunately, Gov. Brown's threats of using executive powers to force through changes on climate change policy fall into the latter category..
Three main approaches were used: 1) A subsurface Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey to quantify peat depths. This was coupled with results from peat core analysis (loss on ignition, bulk density, total organic carbon and heavy metal analysis of 298 peat samples) to estimate the amount of peat and carbon stored at Flow Moss. 2) Surface erosion monitoring using sediment traps, fixed pole transects, erosion pins and Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) to establish through which mechanisms peat is eroded and transported.
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