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Default painting you wheels

I noticed there is a lot of discussion about painting wheels on here and I thought I would throw in an easy process for people that don't want to do the very long process.
So if your wanting to paint your wheels and don't want to do a perfect job or your car is just not worth the time then use this easy process.
Take some primer spray your wheels in light coats till the entire wheel is covered let dry completely. Wipe dust off then start color I use black cause I like it on my cars.use flat black or whatever color you use try to get it in flat it will stick better and will not leave runs as easy as. shiney paint.do the same process as primer do light coats so you wont have runs. Do a few coats about 3 not too many tho don't want too thick it will eventually start chipping.then final if you want it shiny then do glossy clear coat if you like the flat then use satin clear coat. Here are a couple I have done shiny and flat.

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