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Default Manny swap?!?!?!?

Hey i have an 97 integra with b18 with a b20 head. It is an automatic and im wanting to manny swap. I was told to get a hydro tranny n not a cable. How much money n time would it take to do it?

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Default Re: Manny swap?!?!?!?

You would need the following parts...

Hydro tranny
manual flywheel
Clutch pressure plate <-- GOOD TO GET BRAND NEW
Throw out bearing
shift linkage plus shifter
b series back t mount
Clutch pedal and manual brake pedal
Clutch lines
Clutch master and slave cylinder
Manual ls ecu unless you want to trick the ecu<-- Too much to explain on this but makes everything very easy

All the lines and pedals can be used from 92-95 civic and 94-00 integra

Price depends on where you find the parts and what tranny you decide to use.

Estimated cheapest route with ls tranny

Ls tranny 250
clutch lines plus pedals 50
Shift linkage 50
Brand new clutch kit 200 depending on brand
Tranny fluid (mobile 1 fully syn) 20
auto to manual mount 50 on ebay for used
b series back t mount 20
Manual trans axle 20
Ecu 50

So roughly 710 bucks for parts.

This is just having no parts whatsoever. Plus I forgot to add the manual flywheel.

Luckily I have most of these parts laying around. Lol pretty much everything minus clutch kit and auto to manual mount.

Don't forget this is without labor cost

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