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Default Re: FSM.....New to the SR engine, Problems.

Originally Posted by Dj Technick View Post
It wont let me view either video. Also do you have rocker arm stoppers? If not you might consider getting some.
Yeah I have rocker arm stoppers, I posted them to Facebook so it might not work. I'll get then up when I get home from work.

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Default Re: FSM.....New to the SR engine, Problems.

here's your info man. ill tell you its here tomorrow.
Nick i believe this originally came from you? The link any way, from one of your threads/posts.
If it did and you have some insight about the fuel maps and timing I'm sure he'd love to know as would I. I don't know your experience with these things.
It would be nice to have a "how to:AEM EMS stand alone tuning" but anyway...


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