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Default weird auto transmission problem

I have a 98 integra gs with an auto trans, I know its an automatic but its my dd and I really don't care. The problem is when I have another person in the car my tranny shifts violently and will slip constantly but, when I'm by myself it dosent slip and randomly shifts hard. I know everyone is going to say change the transmission oil filter (and yes my tranny has one but you have to remove it from the car and disassemble it) and do a flush which I plan doing this weeknend. I just want to known if anyone else has or had the same problem and see what you did to fix it.

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Default Re: weird auto transmission problem

your car doesn't have a trans filter.

your best best is to do a drop and fill with honda trans fluid only, nothing else. honda auto trans are very picky and want only honda fluid that is clean. you cant get all the old fluid out since the torque converter holds alot. so doing drop in fills once in a while helps a lot.

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