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Wrench 91 lude si b20a5 fuckin up ..?

what up. first post, whatever no pressure.. aight so mom got me this honda, the alternator went out a month after i got it after we replace that shit now its burnin up a ground cable connected to my battery when i try to start it, replaced the like 3rd burnt up wire yesterday with some 8 gauge speaker wire, it fried it.. -__- ..so i wanna know whats up is this common? my battery is kind of old but it recharges fine.. i dont know shit about engines or electrical systems lol. get at me jdmcity!

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gt4 coming soon
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Default Re: 91 lude si b20a5 fuckin up ..?

Sounds like you need to check your whole wiring harness for naked wires, loose wires, ect.

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