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Default 02 g20 sunroof

got this p11 g20 laying around with a sunroof leak.

I found the drain holes, and saw a bunch of water just sitting near it, so its obviously clogged, i need to know the outlet for the sunroof drain hose is, any idea?

checked the repair manual and its not very specific, all if told me is that it goes down the A pillar and somewhere aroung the fender is released.


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Default Re: 02 g20 sunroof

rear go through the trunk and exit behind the bumper on the side of the car. if you pull the trunk wall carpet back you can see it. the fronts go throught the a pillers and drain behind the fender.. blow compressed air throught the drain holes in the sunroof area.

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Default Re: 02 g20 sunroof

Did you get this resolved?

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