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Default Paint Code

I say the new SI blue driving today and thought that this would be a nice color for my ek. Just was wondering if you knew the code so i can get a price?

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JDM Knight
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Default Re: Paint Code

B95p is what i found lookin it up.


DC integra B18cR

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Default Re: Paint Code

Originally Posted by 98eksliver View Post
I say the new SI blue driving today and thought that this would be a nice color for my ek. Just was wondering if you knew the code so i can get a price?
Which Si?

The newest one or one like my old Si?


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Default Re: Paint Code

The newest one. I remember yours and that is not bad but the newest ones look a lot brighter. Otherwise might do Cyclone (Gray) Blue Metallic Clearcoat now.

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Default Re: Paint Code

The newest one is Dyno Blue Pearl. B561P


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Default Re: Paint Code

all your paint code needs

DESCRIPTION_______________________C ODE____YEARS
Almond Cream_____________________________Y R-88___88-89
Asturias Gray Metallic Clearcoat_________NH-502M_90 (90 Canadian only)
Barbados Yellow__________________________Y-49____88-90
Blade Silver Metallic Clearcoat__________NH-95M__88-89
Blue Metallic Clearcoat__________________B37M____ 88-89
Buckingham Blue Pearl Clearcoat__________B-59P___91
Cappuccino Brown Metallic Clearcoat_______YR-501M_90-91
Cardinal Red Metallic Clearcoat__________R-66M___88-89
Celestial Blue Pearl Clearcoat___________B-53P___90-91 (90 U.S. only)
Charcoal Granite Metallic Clearcoat______NH-531M_90-91 (90 U.S. only)
Chateau Red Metallic Clearcoat___________R-61M___88
Chianti Red Metallic_____________________R-67M___89-90
Cobalt Blue Pearl Clearcoat______________B-54P___91
Concord Blue Metallic Clearcoat__________B-58M___91
Flint Black Metallic Clearcoat___________NH-526M_88-9
Florence Blue Metallic Clearcoat_________B-37M___88-89 (90 Canadian only)
Frost White______________________________ NH-538__91
Geneva Green Pearl Clearcoat_____________G-62P___91
Gold Metallic Clearcoat__________________YR-87M__88-89
Gothic Gray Metallic Clearcoat___________NH-92M__88
Granada Black Metallic Clearcoat_________NH-503P_91
Grayish Blue Metallic Clearcoat__________B-35M___88
Laguna Gold Metallic_____________________YR-87M__88-90
Laurel Blue Metallic_____________________B-49M___90 (90 U.S. only)
Madison Blue Pearl Clearcoat_____________B-45P___91
Medium Blue Metallic Clearcoat___________B-49M___89
Montreal Blue Metallic Clearcoat_________B-35____88
Pewter Gray Metallic Clearcoat___________NH-537M_90-91
Phoenix Red______________________________R-51____88-91 (90 U.S. only)
Polar White______________________________ NH-512__88-91
Polar White Z____________________________NH-512Z_90 (90 Canadian only)
Rio Red________________________________ __R-63____88-91 (Si)
Saxony Blue Metallic Clearcoat___________B-56M___91
Sirius White Pearl Clearcoat_____________NH-515P_90 (90 Canadian only)
Sonoma Red Pearl Clearcoat_______________R-75P___90-91 (90 U.S. only)
Stout Silver Metallic Clearcoat (Wheel)__NH-75___88-
Superior Blue Metallic___________________B-47M___88-91 (90 Canadian only)
Tahitian Green Pearl Clearcoat___________BG-28P__91
Torino Red Pearl Clearcoat_______________R-72P___90-91
Vogue Silver Metallic Clearcoat__________NH-583M_91
Wein Blue Pearl Clearcoat________________B-52P___91

DESCRIPTION_______________________C ODE____YEARS
Aztec Green Pearl Clearcoat______________BG-29P__93-94
Camellia Red Pearl Clearcoat_____________R-86P___93-95
Captiva Blue Pearl Clearcoat_____________B-62P___92-94
Celestial Blue Pearl Clearcoat___________B-53P___92-93
Champion White Clearcoat_________________NH-0____92-95
Cobalt Blue Pearl Clearcoat______________B-54P___92-93
Concord Blue Metallic Clearcoat__________B-58M___92
Fiesta Green Pearl Clearcoat_____________GY-15P__92-94
Flint Black Metallic Clearcoat___________NH-526M_92
Frost White______________________________ NH-538__92-95
Geneva Green Pearl Clearcoat_____________G-62P___92-93
Granada Black Metallic Clearcoat_________NH-503P_92-95
Harvard Blue Pearl Clearcoat_____________B-63P___92-95
Horizon Gray Metallic Clearcoat__________RP-21M__94-95
Lausanne Green Pearl Clearcoat___________G-71P___94-95
Milano Red Tricoat/Clearcoat_____________R-81____92-95
Opal Green Metallic Clearcoat____________G-73M___92-93
Paradise Blue Green Pearl Clearcoat_______BG-33P__95
Pewter Gray Metallic Clearcoat___________NH-537M_92-92
Phantom Gray Pearl Clearcoat_____________NH-561P_92-95
Rosewood Brown Metallic Clearcoat________YR-503M_92-93
Sonoma Red Pearl Clearcoat_______________R-75P___92
Tahitian Green Pearl Clearcoat___________BG-28P__92
Torino Red Pearl Clearcoat_______________R-72P___92-95
Vogue Silver Metallic Clearcoat__________NH-583M_92-95


DESCRIPTION_______________________C ODE____YEARS
Adriatic Blue Pri Metallic Clearcoat_____B-74P___97
Athlete Grey Metallic Clearcoat__________NH-611M_97
Bordeaux Red Pearl Clearcoat_____________R-78P___97
Champagne Beige Metallic Clearcoat_______YR-523M_99
Champion White Clearcoat_________________NH-0____96-00
Clover Green Pearl Metallic Clearcoat____G-95P___99-00
Cyclone (Gray) Blue Metallic Clearcoat___B-73M___96-98
Cypress Green Pearl Clearcoat____________G-82P___96-98
Dark Amethyst Pearl Clearcoat____________PB-74P__97-99
Electron Blue Pearl Clearcoat____________B-95P___99-00
Flamenco Black Pearl Metallic Clearcoat__NH-592P_98-00
Frost White______________________________ NH-538__96-97
Granada Black Metallic Clearcoat_________NH-503P_96-97
Iced Teal Pearl Clearcoat________________BG-41P__99-00
Island Coral Pearl Clearcoat_____________R-95P___96-96
Inza Red Pearl Clearcoat_________________R-96P___97-99
Midori Green Pearl Clearcoat_____________GY-16P__96
Milano Red Tricoat/Clearcoat_____________R-81____96-00
Orange Pri Metallic Clearcoat____________YR-513M_97
Phoenix Yellow___________________________Y-56____00
Rallye Red_______________________________R-513___97-00
Roma Red Clearcoat_______________________R-97____96-00
Royal Grape Pearl Clearcoat________________------_____98 (Vi-RS)
Sequia Green Pri Metallic________________G-89P___00
Super Sonic Blue Pearl Clearcoat_________B-90P___99
Taffeta White____________________________NH-578__98-00
Thunder Grey Metallic____________________NH-617M_96-98
Titanium Metallic Clearcoat______________YR-525M_00
Vintage Plum Pearl Clearcoat_____________RP-32P__00
Vogue Silver Metallic Clearcoat__________NH-583M_96-00

HONDA ACCORD (1988-2004)

DESCRIPTION_______________________C ODE____YEARS
Arcadia Green Pearl Clearcoat___________BG-30P___92-93
Alt. Blue Green Pearl Clearcoat_________B-67P____93
Asturias Gray Metallic Clearcoat________NH-502M__89
Black (Dark) Currant Pearl Clearcoat____RP-25P___97-99
Black Pearl Metallic Clearcoat__________NH-503P__88-89
Blue Metallic Clearcoat_________________B-35M____88
Bordeaux Red Pearl Clearcoat____________R-78P____91-97
Bright Blue Green Metallic Clearcoat____BG-23M___91-93
Brittany Blue Green Metallic Clearcoat__BG-23M___89
Buckingham Blue Pearl Clearcoat_________B-59P____91
Cappucino Brown Metallic Clearcoat______YR-501___90-91
Cashmere Silver Metallic Clearcoat______YR-505M__93-95
Celestial Blue Pearl Clearcoat__________B-53P____91
Champion White Clearcoat________________NHO______9 2-00
Charcoal Granite Metallic Clearcoat_____NH-531M__89-91
Chateau Red Metallic Clearcoat__________R-61M____88-89
Cobalt Blue Pearl Clearcoat_____________B-54P____90-93
Concord Blue Metallic Clearcoat_________B-58M____91-92
Cyclone (Gray) Blue Metallic Clearcoat__B-73M____97
Cypress Green Pearl Clearcoat___________G-82P____97
Dark Beige Metallic Clearcoat___________YR-92M___89
Dark Emerald Pearl Clearcoat____________G-87P____98-01
Dark Gray Metallic Clearcoat____________NH-531M__89
Deep Green Pearl Metallic Clearcoat_____G-516P___04
Deep Velvet Blue Pearl Clearcoat________B-89P____99-00
Desert Mist Metallic____________________YR-538M__03-04
Emerald Green Metallic Clearcoat________G-81P____94
Eternal Blue Pearl Clearcoat____________B-96P____01-04
Eucalyptus Green Pearl Clearcoat________G-83P____96-97
Firepepper Red Pearl Clearcoat__________R-507P___01-02
Flamenco Black Pri Metallic Clearcoat___NH-592P__96-99
Florence Blue Metallic Clearcoat________B-37M____88
Frost White_____________________________N H-538___90-97
Geneva Green Pearl Clearcoat____________G-62P____91-93
Gold Metallic Clearcoat_________________YR-87M___88-89
Granada Black Metallic Clearcoat________NH-503P__88-96
Graphite Gray Metallic Clearcoat________NH-91M___88
Graphite Pearl Clearcoat________________NH-658P__03-04
Grayish Metallic Clearcoat______________B-37M____88
Green Metallic Clearcoat________________BG-26M___90-91
Green Pearl Clearcoat___________________BG-31P___94-95
Heather Mist Metallic Clearcoat_________YR-508M__96-99
Laguna Gold Metallic Clearcoat__________YR-87M___88-90
Laurel Blue Metallic Clearcoat__________B-49M____89-90
Medium Blue Metallic Clearcoat__________B-49M____89
Medium Gray Metallic Clearcoat__________NH-502M__89
Milano Red Tricoat/Clearcoat____________R-81_____97
Misty Beige Metallic Clearcoat__________YR-59M___88
Monterey Green Metallic Clearcoat_______BG-20M___88-89
Montreal Blue Metallic Clearcoat________B35M_____88
Mulberry Red Pearl Clearcoat____________R-74M____90-91
Mystic (Teal) Blue Pearl Clearcoat______B-80P____97-98
Naples Gold Metallic Clearcoat__________YR-524M__00-02
Navajo Red Metallic Clearcoat___________R-70M____89-90
Nighthawk Black Pearl Clearcoat_________B-92P____00-04
Nightshade Gray Pearl Clearcoat_________NH-577P__94-96
Noble Green Pearl Clearcoat_____________G-508P___02-03
Opal Green Metallic Clearcoat___________G-73M____92-93
Pewter Gray Metallic Clearcoat__________NH-537M__90-92
Phantom Gray Pearl Clearcoat____________NH-561P__92-95
Phoenix Red_____________________________R-51_____88-91
Polar White_____________________________N H-512___88-89
Raisin Pearl Clearcoat__________________RP-29P___98-99
Red Metallic Clearcoat__________________R-70M____89
Regent Silver Metallic Clearcoat________NH-612M__98
Redondo Red Pearl_______________________R-522P___03-04
Rosewood Brown Metallic Clearcoat_______YR-503M__92-93
Ruby Red Pearl Clearcoat________________R-504P___00
Sage Green Metallic Clearcoat___________G-77M____94-96
San Marino Red Clearcoat________________R-94_____89-04
Sapphire Blue Pearl_____________________B-517P___03-04
Satin Silver Metallic Clearcoat_________NH-623M__99-04
Sebring Silver Metallic Clearcoat_______NH-552M__92-95
Sherwood Green Pearl Clearcoat__________G-78P____94-97
Signet Silver Metallic Clearcoat________RP-31M___00-01
Solaris Silver Metallic Clearcoat_______NH-536M__91
Stout Silver Metallic Clearcoat (Wheel)_NH-75M___88
Taffeta White___________________________NH-578___98-04
Tawny Silver Metallic Clearcoat (Wheel)_YR-73M___88
Tuscany Taupe Metallic Clearcoat________YR-92M___89

HONDA DEL SOL (1993-1997)

DESCRIPTION_______________________C ODE____YEARS
Adriatic Blue Pri Metallic Clearcoat_____B-74P___97
Cypress Green Pearl Clearcoat____________G-82P___97
Granada Black Metallic Clearcoat_________NH-503P_97
Milano Red Tricoat/Clearcoat_____________R-81____97
Vogue Silver Metallic Clearcoat__________NH-583__97


DESCRIPTION_______________________C ODE____YEARS
Azure Blue Green Pearl Clearcoat________BG_34P___94-96
Barbados Yellow_________________________Y-49_____88-90
Bright Blue Green Metallic Clearcoat____BG-23M___91-93
Buckingham Blue Pearl Clearcoat_________B-59P____91
Cappucino Brown Metallic Clearcoat______YR-501M__91
Cashmere Silver Metallic Clearcoat______YR-505M__93-95
Cassis Red Pearl Clearcoat______________R-82P____92-94
Charcoal Granite Metallic Clearcoat_____NH-531M__90
Cobalt Blue Pearl Clearcoat_____________B-54P____91-93
Crystal Blue Metallic Clearcoat_________B-91M____99-00
Cypress Green Pearl Clearcoat___________G-82P____97
Electron Blue Pearl Clearcoat___________B-95P____01
Eucalyptus Green Pearl Clearcoat________G-83P____97-98
Fiscus Green Pearl Clearcoat____________G-98P____99-00
Flamenco Black Pri Metallic Clearcoat___NH-592P__96-98
Florence Blue Metallic Clearcoat________B-37M____88
Fresco Blue Pearl Clearcoat_____________B-64P____92-93
Frost White_____________________________N H-538___90-96
Geneva Green Pearl Clearcoat____________G-62P____91-93
Granada Black Metallic Cleearcoat_______NH-503P__88-97
Green Metallic Clearcoat________________BG-26M___91
Heather Mist Metallic Clearcoat_________YR-508M__96
Laguna Gold Metallic Clearcoat__________YR-87M___89-90
Laurel Blue Metallic Clearcoat__________B-49M____89-90
Milano Red Tricoat/Clearcoat____________R-81_____92-01
Nighthawk Black Pearl Clearcoat_________B-92P____99-01
Nobel Silver Metallic Clearcoat_________NH-516M__88-89
Nordic Mist Metallic Clearcoat__________B-83M____97-98
Pacific Blue Pearl Clearcoat____________B-68P____94-95
Phoenix Red_____________________________R-51_____88-91
Polar White_____________________________N H-512___88-89
Premium White Pearl Clearcoat___________NH-624P__99-01
Satin Silver Metallic Clearcoat_________NH-623M__01
San Marino Red Clearcoat________________R-94_____97-98
Sebring Silver Metallic Clearcoat_______NH-552M__92-96,00
Sherwood Green Pearl Clearcoat__________G-78P____94-95
Stout Silver Metallic Clearcoat_________NH-75M___88
Tawny Silver Metallic Clearcoat (Wheel)_YR-73M___88
Vogue Silver Metallic Clearcoat_________NH-583M__97
White Diamond Pearl Clearcoat___________NH-603P__98


DESCRIPTION_______________________C ODE____YEARS
Clover Green Pearl Metallic Clearcoat____G-95P___01-02
Eternal Blue Pearl Clearcoat_____________B-96P___01-04
Euro Yellow Pearl Metallic Clearcoat_____Y-62P___02
Fiji Blue Pearl__________________________B-529P__04
Firepepper Red Pearl Clearcoat___________R-507P__02
Fluorite Silver Metallic_________________-----___04 (Hybrid)
Galapagos Green Metallic Clearcoat_______G-511M__03-04
Inca Pearl Clearcoat_____________________Y-61P___01-02
Magnesium Metallic_______________________NH-675M_04
Milano Red Tricoat/Clearcoat_____________R-81____03
Naples Gold Metallic Clearcoat___________YR-524M_02
Nighthawk Black Pearl Clearcoat__________B-92P___01-04
Noble Green Pearl Clearcoat______________G-508P__02
Opal Silver Blue Metallic Clearcoat______BG-51M__02-04
Radiant Ruby Pearl_______________________-----___02-04
Rallye Red_______________________________R-513___01-04
San Marino Red Clearcoat_________________R-94____02
Satin Silver Metallic Clearcoat__________NH-623M_01-04
Shoreline Mist Metallic__________________YR-528M_03-04
Taffeta White____________________________NH-578__01-04
Titanium Metallic Clearcoat______________YR-525M_01-03
Vivid Blue Pearl Clearcoat_______________B-520P__03-04
Vintage Plum Pearl Clearcoat_____________RP-32P__00-02


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Originally Posted by Rob Dahm
These things all clamp down like a sex sandwich.
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Default Re: Paint Code

LOL, not a single one of those includes Dyno Blue Pearl, which is the code he was looking for.


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Default Re: Paint Code

Lol ya its alright kinda have gone a different route now thanks to my dad.

Thinking now we might do a two-tone job with silver on the bottom of the hard body line and white above. Finished off with either a blue or red pearl clear, possibly both

Looking to maybe get it done by the end of this coming summer once my buddy has moved in to his new house and set up his booth. Might have to document the makeover.

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