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Default Taking out A/C and cruise?

Hey i have a 93 prelude h23a1. A/C and cruise control dont wont so i was thinking about taking out from under my hood so i have more work room. Would i have to buy anything, and does someone know how to do it cause i dont lol

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Default Re: Taking out A/C and cruise?

its simple. its like legos. no buying of any thing is necessary.

just remove the components off the motor. the a/c condenser is under the power steering. itll have belt running to it. has 3 bolts holding it in place. remove the belt then the bolts. be careful as the lines connect to the radiator so dont spill anti-freeze inside the car when you remove the interior parts. remove all air lines to the cruise. put caps on the intake manifold connections or youll have idle issues. best way to remove all this with a step by step is to download the manual or buy the factory manual. they for 20 bucks on ebay.


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