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Default injectors

alright i have a 93 integra with a b18a1 in it and i'm putting turbo on it and i'm nearly finish with all the turbo stuff besides a couple little things but i was wondering if i'm wanting to have my horse power goals around 200-210 would i necessarly need to get bigger fuel injectors and fuel pump?

i sent my ecu out to pherable.net and they called me and said i'd need to have bigger injectors and fuel pump but i was told i was okay on them since i'm only wanting around the 200hp range is this correct thank you

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Default Re: injectors

your going to need bigger injectors than the stalk ones i have a set of 440 rc for sale 90 bucks pm if u want them

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Default Re: injectors

^^ Correct, I was making 188hp on my old setup and could have made more with bigger injectors.
(I had 310cc with a Walbro 255 fuel pump)

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