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Default AWD conversion for civic 88-00/ Integra 94-01/ crx 88-91/ del sol 92-98

So this isn't for discussing the possibilities of doing a AWD conversion on these bodies. I know it's possible. I'm currently doing one of these on a DC2 body. I'm just looking for input and seeing what you guys think about the setup. Any ideas or modifications you think of would be great too.

The main idea every one goes with for AWD is CR-V parts since it's so available. But i have found 88-91 civic AWD wagon parts to be most similar to other suspensions.

Rear suspension:
Training arms from an 88-91 AWD civic wagon. wagon rear bearing support housing with the tunnel cut off and bored out to 92mm. 97-01 CR-V rear bearing unit. This CR-V bearing bolts right up to existing holes in the bearing support bracket. I wanted to go five lug so since the CR-V rear bearing inner diameter is 43mm i then went with 06-11 civic front wheel hubs. These are already 5 lug and support all rsx/crv/integra type R/newer accord rotors. Since all 06-11 civic(excluding SI) use a R series motor they ave the same hub axle inputs as B-series and D-series. I have had all these parts together to see this for my own eyes. FYI RSX-S front hubs are 45mm and use larger axles so they are not as desirable. since i had rear drums and now was going to rear disc i wanted to stick with stock Honda parts. So I opted for 03-07 Accord V6 brakes and rotors. I made a custom bracket that sandwiched between the bearing unit and the training arms. Now for the shocks i'm using are just stock Integra ones. The wagon ones are the same size just longer shock travel. my LCA setup is just stock ones with a mount point for sway bar end links. You have to swap LCA sides to get the sway bar end links out of the way of the rear axles.

Front suspension:
Not much work to be done here. Since i'm using DC2 suspension the inner diameter of the front wheel bearing is 43mm same as the 06-11 civic wheel hub and it supports all appropriate axle sizes for any of my projects(Not a K-series fan... not yet at least). Since i'm using them on my rear might as well go with 03-07 Accord V6 front rotors as well. I have not gotten the calipers mounted up yet.

Trans/Engine setup:
Well I'm going with a turbo B series so I'm using a AWD manual 97-01 CR-V trans. For this a custom T-Bracket will be needed and a custom upper trans mount. From what I've see no body style upper trans mount fits this trans except for the CR-V one. On my Integra the bracket needed to be ground off the body and bolt holes drilled to make it mount like a 99-00 Civic SI upper trans mount. Also your exhaust will run into the transfer case for the prop shaft so that will need to be relocated.

Now if you want to go D-Series motor I would just use the wagon trans

If you want K-series go with AWD 02-12 CRV manual or AWD 03-11 manual. Then you can slam some TSX or newer Civic SI parts into them and BAM! 6 speed rather than 5 speed.

since first gen CR-V(B series) and second gen CR-V(K-series) use the same differential so all k and b series rear diffs are the same. Also the ratios are so close that the wagon rear diff can be used. I opted for the wagon diff since it can handle a bit more abuse. It also used gear oil rather than Honda dual pump fluid like the CR-V or Element ones since they have clutch packs in them. the wagon uses a viscus coupling instead of the clutch packs. this is mounted in the middle of the drive shaft. Now for rear diff location. the 88-91 wagon used a rear sub frame. Now all the mounts are in the same locations for the suspension but it's part of the body. so a custom mount needs to be made. Also the gas tank gets in the way. So this needs to be removed to use a fuel cell or modified to fit the diff. You could mount the diff lower but then you need to worry about ground clearance and I don't think the bottom out point on a car should be the rear diff. Now since the rear wagon diff is based on the D-series trans you just need proper axles with D-series axle trans inputs and outer B/K/R inputs for the hubs. Also D-series LSD can be fitted in with a little bearing shaving.

I know this is alot of info. I probably forgot something. Now my project isn't done so I haven't figured it all out but I got a good 80% done. Any help would be great. any ideas or questions would be great thanks.

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Default Re: AWD conversion for civic 88-00/ Integra 94-01/ crx 88-91/ del sol 92-98

if doing this to same year hatchback version of the civic, is just possible to swap all of the wagon drive train and rear end over to the hatch back? would all the wheel hubs to be swapped or was all of that just for the 5 lug conversion? or do bigger wheel bearing last longer or something?


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