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Default NRG steering wheel hub

I am trying to figure out what hub assemble and steering wheel to buy for car. I can't see for myself because I am 3000 miles away from my car! I am just wondering if anyone can tell me if my 92 civic vx need the 5 hole or 6 hole hub assembly!?!?! When I try Google i have seen both, and I have checked NRG's website and it doesn't say. It just tells me there are universal ones! Some one please help me out!


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Default Re: NRG steering wheel hub

you just gotta buy the hub that says for 92-95 civic
also most steering wheels are six hole pattern and fit any hub..only thing is if you want to put a nardi or personal wheel on the momo hub you need to get another ring that goes in between hub and wheel but all wheels fit nrg hub no problem

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Default Re: NRG steering wheel hub

I believe 6-hole pattern is more common than the 5-hole pattern for the 92-00 Civic. I would go with the 6-hole pattern as there may be more steering wheel options for you to buy. Correct me if I am wrong.

I have an NRG quick release + NRG hub (6-hole pattern) on my EJ8.

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Default Re: NRG steering wheel hub

the holes are for the wheel, there is only one hole for the hub to mate to the car. find the wheel you want before hand if it matters but there are adapters available also.

pretty sure 6 is standard for most wheels, my sparco was anyway.


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Default Re: NRG steering wheel hub

i have a 92 civic vx, and i have a 6 hole pattern

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Default Re: NRG steering wheel hub

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Default Re: NRG steering wheel hub

Spambot needs banhammer!!!!


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