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Default finally blew up my motor.

well after i moved down to virginia, i picked up a first gen dsm, with a shitty motor.
I have been waiting, for about 4 months for this damn thing to blow up and it finalllly did.
The motor had over 200K and was using oil, and had a bad headgasket, but it still pulled hard, so I just kept it going.

I was only expecting it to last a week, 2 weeks tops. But it surprising lasted 4 months(HELL YEAL 4g63 FTW), now it has some issue with the block,(can turn crank pully and flywheel doesnt move)

anyway this finally gives me an excuse to pick up another motor, im looking at a 2g right now, the car has a new turbo on it, when the owner was replacing the turbo he noticed that the car wasn't getting enough oil to the line for the turbo(prob why his last one went bad) , so he told me its prob the oil filter housing... he is thinking that its gunked up with old nasty oil... I checked on dsmtuners, and cant find anyone else having that problem... does that seem accurate?

If its not the oil filter, not the oil filter housing , and not the oil lines, where should I look next?


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Default Re: finally blew up my motor.

The oil pump itself. Put a mechanical gauge on it and see how mucb pressure it is making.


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