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Default Mitsubishi Forum Suggestions

Anything you'd like to add or change in this forum?

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Default Re: Mitsubishi Forum Suggestions

sperate 420a from 4g63 i think it would clean it up if it ever begins to get a ton of posts


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Default Re: Mitsubishi Forum Suggestions

I don't think very many mitsu owners frequent this site other than to sell their parts. There are fewer Evo owners on here, so I don't think it makes sense wasting your time to try and improve this area.

NA mitsu is a pretty worthless car to mod and if one wants to, there are other sites with a lot more members and information.

Honestly, your time will be better spent taking care of the Classifieds (Esp Testing waters), General and Cosmetic...These are the hotspots!


1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 #205/1000
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Default Re: Mitsubishi Forum Suggestions

I'd like people to stop posting classified ads in the Mitsu forum.


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