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Default anyone around des moines wanna lend a helping hand?

so i did a complete rebuild on my 93 talon tsi full built motor with shep stage 3 tranny pte 6266 turbo 1350 cc injectors etc etc.. i need to get the car finished so i can drive it. I ran out of energy because work has been CRAAAzy busy. if you know alot about these cars and want to finish it for me ill be more then happy to give you some money for your work.. I just need to bolt the turbo on and then set up the innovate o2 and just get a base map so i can take it somewhere to have a full tune done on it. i also have the dsm link v3 but im not sure how to use dsm link so i dont really want to mess with it unless someone is there knowing what their doing. I dont care day or time you can come work on it anytime is fine with me i just want to get it finished.

If your serious shoot me a text or call me at 515-460-7134

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Default Re: anyone around des moines wanna lend a helping hand?

Are you on the Link forums? I'm sure someone would be able to get you a base map on there. You just have the turbo to bolt on? That's it. What fuel are you going to be running? I assuming gas since that isn't enough injector for e85 and that turbo. Where are you located exactly?


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Default Re: anyone around des moines wanna lend a helping hand?

Most not be to active on here, my guess is its the same guy thats on dsmtuners wanting help,

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