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Default Re: Best muffler shop around Des Moines ?

Originally Posted by TheMaster View Post

There, ya happy now?
Just to kill this one now because I don't want to mess up anyone's rep. This isn't mine and I have absolutely nothing to do with this car.

For those that haven't caught on by now which I have no fucking idea how you could be so fucking retarded and gullible. I'm a damn troll. Lets get some things straight.

1. I don't have an FRS
2. Mommy and Daddy aren't buying me shit
3. I'm not a 16 year old high school kiddo, I'm 27

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Default Re: Best muffler shop around Des Moines ?

Da truff... It has come

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Default Re: Best muffler shop around Des Moines ?

Terry's Auto does great work too. I took my mustang there when the exhaust broke apart from the previous owner and Terry was dying laughing at how bad the exhaust was on my car. I had no idea. He ran new piping out and dumped it before my rear axle even fixed the mounts on my cat, all for like 60 bucks with new hangars and gaskets. He does great notching on crossmembers too.


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Default Re: Best muffler shop around Des Moines ?

Originally Posted by Ej6kev View Post
It's not illegal in Iowa to run no cat since we have no emissions tests here, but other states it is. I know quite a few people who run no cat, but it might stink. Also, I'd go to Iowa Muffler.

It is FEDERAL law. Cats are required in all 50 states.


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